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Chicago International Childrens Film Fest--film still: Sweet Love

What is being lost to smartphones?

Empathy. Reclaim your ability to connect.

Banish menacing, mindless media and replace it with Facets Kids. These healthy films build empathy, promote peaceful conflict resolution skills, and inspire kids to care deeply about the world around them.

Curated characters = Critical thinking

Today, media is the dominant force in kids' lives. Keep their media environment engaging and empowering, fun and free of corporate interests.

Join the Facets Kids revolution and provide stimulating film that inspires critical thinking, enables media literacy, and sparks the imagination.

Who will appreciate Citizen Kane in 20 years?

Ensure the future of independent cinema by fostering the next generation of film lovers and filmmakers.

"I really want to become a director when I grow up. Facets brought me so much closer to that dream."
—Alec, 12

Empower future leaders.

Facets Kids gives insight into communities both near and far.

Invest in a generation of socially responsible, empathetic, and environmentally conscientious global citizens.

Bring Facets Kids to children everywhere.

All donations to the Facets Annual Fund are 100% tax deductible.

For questions, please contact Mary Visconti at or by phone, 773.281.9075 x 3052. To donate by mail, please send this completed form [PDF] to:

1517 W. Fullerton Ave.
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