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Chicago International Children's Film Festival Entry Deadline: May 31

Enter online

Digital Preview Screener Options

For online screeners we allow:

  • files sent via WeTransfer or Drop Box.
  • MP4, AVI, ISO, MOV files acceptable.
  • Please put an end date of access of July 1st.

Do note:
If you intend your preview screener to act as the exhibition screener for Festival screenings, we require an un-watermarked version. Please also note that if you intend to provide an MOV file as quicktime for preview screener, that the resolution is not the best for exhibition. Please note that Vimeo is not acceptable, which pixelates when transferred to DVD. In the Selection Committee and in all our juries, we view your submission in a theatrical setting.

Films made by adults

2015 Entry Form [PDF]

It is the mission of the Chicago International Children's Film Festival to set an internationally recognized standard of excellence in film, video, and television production for children. It is further our mission to support the work of talented and dedicated filmmakers by awarding prizes, by showcasing international films of the highest quality, and by providing a professional forum through which quality children's films and videos may gain increased distribution and access to wider audiences. The Festival is also committed to engaging young viewers with positive media images and to using media as a tool to stimulate critical thinking.

Deadlines and entry fees

For early entries received in their entirety by May 1, the following entry fees apply:

  • Short film or video (under 40 minutes): $40.00 USD
  • Feature-length film or video (40 minutes or longer): $80.00 USD

For late entries received after May 1, the following entry fees apply:

  • Short film or video (under 40 minutes): $60.00 USD
  • Feature-length film or video (40 minutes or longer): $100.00 USD

All entries and entry fees must be received in their entirety postmarked by May 31.

Films made by youths (ages 18 and younger)

2015 Young Filmmaker Entry Form [PDF]

The "Young Filmmaker" categories are for films produced by youth ages 18 and younger. Films considered for this category must be conceived and produced by children or youth with minimal adult input. (An adult supervisor is allowed if part of a group project.) There is no entry fee for Young Filmmakers.

All films made by young filmmakers will be judged by either a children's jury for filmmakers ages 6–14, or a youth jury for filmmakers ages 15–18. There will be a first and a second place award from each jury. Awards are given in the form of certificates.

Deadline: May 31 is the entry deadline. If your film hasn't arrived—complete with entry form, film, and all the stuff in the checklist—by May 31, it won't be eligible, so don't delay!

All films submitted to the Festival must match these criteria:

  • The action of the film should be child-driven.
  • The stories should be culturally authentic, timely, and of universal appeal.
  • Films submitted to Chicago International Children's Film Festival should be made for, rather than about, children.
  • Film content should be creative, highly original, and demonstrate artistic and technical mastery.
  • Content should speak positively to children of diverse backgrounds and cultures and should provide strong role models for both boys and girls.

For more information please contact the Festival Registrar at filmreg@facets.org or by phone at 1.773.281.9075 ext. 3010.