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Film still: All of Me


All of Me

Recommended "[Director Arturo] Villaseñor has achieved something rare—a satisfying piece of spiritual filmmaking on a delicate political topic"
  —Chicago Reader
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Film still: Unexpected



"Delicate and beautiful"   —Variety
Recommended "Lovely, auspicious"   —NewCity Chicago
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Film still: ***


Chicago Premiere!

The Runner

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Film still: Prince


Special Mention
Berlin Intl
Film Fest
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Film still: Tango Negro, The African Roots of Tango


Chicago Theatrical Premiere!

Tango Negro, The African Roots of Tango

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Film still: Enchanted Kingdom


Chicago Premiere!

Enchanted Kingdom

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Film still: The Iron Ministry

The Iron Ministry

"The best film about China in the twenty-first century that I've seen to date"   —Artforum
"Outstanding... pungently immersive"   —Hollywood Reporter
"An undeniably virtuoso accomplishment"   —Cinema Scope
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Film still: Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World

Dark Star:
H.R. Giger's World

"Intimate and thoroughly insightful"   —Twitch
3 stars "Genuinely warm and involving"   —RogerEbert.com
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Film still: We Come as Friends

We Come as Friends

Special Jury Prize
Film Fest
"A surreal, moving, infuriating and persuasive argument that in South Sudan there's nothing 'post' about colonialism"   —New York Times
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Film still: Zipper


Chicago Premiere!


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Film still: I Touched All Your Stuff


I Touched All
Your Stuff

"Enjoyably quirky"
  —Screen International
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Film still: The Mend

The Mend

"Genuinely strange... Worth watching for its genuinely strange combination of wildly underplayed emotional beats and wildly overplayed surface anarchy"   —Variety
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Film still: Polish Film Fest logo


The 27th Annual
Polish Film Festival

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Film still: Madame Phung's Last Journey


Chicago Premiere!

Madame Phung's Last Journey
(Chuyen di cuoi cùng cua chi Phung


Past features for July

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Film still: They Are We


Filmmaker Emma Christopher in person!

They Are We

"A fascinating ethnographic lesson that also works as a mystery story"   —Chicago Reader
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Film still: Saugatuck Cures


Chicago Premiere!

Saugatuck Cures

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Film still: The Strongest Man

The Strongest Man


Film Fest
"Beautifully oddball... it's like Terrence Malick directing Napoleon Dynamite—Indiewire
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Film still: Closer to God

Closer to God

"An ambitious, thoughtful and provocative take on the Frankenstein story"   —Screen International
"With admirable economy, writer-director Billy Senese has crafted an eerie piece that's as much an effective cautionary tale as it is a stirring film of ideas"   —Los Angeles Times
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Film still: Accidental Love


Chicago Premiere!

Accidental Love

One show only!

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Film still: Sunset Edge

Filmmaker Daniel Peddle in person!

Sunset Edge

"A reflective and visually compelling narrative"  —Indiewire
"Director Daniel Peddle gets great performances from his non-professional cast and expertly builds a taut and disturbing atmosphere"  —NY Daily News
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Film still: Meet Me in Montenegro


Chicago Premiere!

Meet Me in Montenegro

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Film still: Ardor


Best Film
Best Director
+8 other awards
Academy Awards
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Film still: The Naked Spur


The Naked Spur

"One of the very best Anthony Mann westerns—which means one of the very best westerns, period"   —Chicago Reader
"It remains one of the major works in the genre"   —Village Voice
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Film still: The Womb

The Chicago Latino Reel Film Club presents:

The Womb
(El Vientre)

"Vanessa Saba... [creates] a character so intense and unhinged, she easily joins the ranks of memorable female villains."   —Twitch
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Film still: Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary

"Measured and absorbing"   —Variety
"Mia Wasikowska is superb"   —New York Daily News
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