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January 2015

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Film still: Low Down

Low Down

3 stars½   —Chicago Tribune,
3 stars "A perfectly cast film that depicts a moody world of jazz musicians, drugs and self-destruction"   —Chicago Sun-Times
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Film still: Remote Area Medical

Remote Area Medical

3 stars "This is an important story, elegantly told, sometimes harrowing, always affecting"   —
Recommended "Horrors, and hope, coalesce in Reichert and Zaman's deft, nonjudgmental, heartbreaking work"   —New City Chicago
Recommended —Chicago Reader
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Film still: If You Don't, I Will

If You Don't, I Will

"Perceptive and subtle... painful, funny,
deeply complex"   —Village Voice
3 stars   —
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Film still: To Fool a Thief

The Chicago Latino Reel Film Club presents:

To Fool a Thief

"Rolls together two strands that Argentinean cinema has shown it's good at—swindle thriller and comedy romance—into a winning, unpretentious whole"   —Hollywood Reporter
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Film still: Waiting for August

Waiting for August

Best Documentary
Karlovy Vary
Intl Film Fest
Critics' Pick "A quiet film of weight and joy" —Village Voice
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Film still: Amira & Sam

Amira & Sam

Jury Award
Savannah Film
& Video Fest
"Thoughtful and perceptive"   —Filmmaker Magazine
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