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January 2015

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Film still: Low Down

Low Down

3 stars½   —Chicago Tribune, RogerEbert.com
3 stars "A perfectly cast film that depicts a moody world of jazz musicians, drugs and self-destruction"   —Chicago Sun-Times
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Film still: Remote Area Medical

Remote Area Medical

3 stars "This is an important story, elegantly told, sometimes harrowing, always affecting"   —RogerEbert.com
Recommended "Horrors, and hope, coalesce in Reichert and Zaman's deft, nonjudgmental, heartbreaking work"   —New City Chicago
Recommended —Chicago Reader
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Film still: If You Don't, I Will

If You Don't, I Will

"Perceptive and subtle... painful, funny,
deeply complex"   —Village Voice
3 stars   —RogerEbert.com
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Film still: To Fool a Thief

The Chicago Latino Reel Film Club presents:

To Fool a Thief

"Rolls together two strands that Argentinean cinema has shown it's good at—swindle thriller and comedy romance—into a winning, unpretentious whole"   —Hollywood Reporter
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Film still: Waiting for August

Waiting for August

Best Documentary
Karlovy Vary
Intl Film Fest
Critics' Pick "A quiet film of weight and joy" —Village Voice
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Film still: Amira & Sam

Amira & Sam

Jury Award
Savannah Film
& Video Fest
"Thoughtful and perceptive"   —Filmmaker Magazine
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