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June 2016

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Film still: We Monsters

We Monsters

"A tightly plotted, tension-filled neo-noir"   —Chicago Reader
"Andreas Köhler's magnificent cinematography creates some of the most indelible compositions I've seen this year"   —
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Film still: Embrace of the Serpent

Embrace of
the Serpent

Directors' Fortnight
Cannes Film Fest
"Majestic, spellbinding"   —New York Times
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Film still: Paths of the Soul

Paths of the Soul

Critics' Pick   —Village Voice
"Extraordinary... a stirring study in faith and spirituality"   —Chicago Tribune
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Film still: Louder Than Bombs

Louder Than Bombs

Palme d'Or
Cannes Film Fest
3 stars½ "A delicate, complex film that lingers, unpacking itself in your mind"   —
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Film still: Stand Down Soldier

The 14th Annual
Chicago African Diaspora Film Festival

"As diverse and porous as the diaspora itself"   —TimeOut Chicago
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Film still: L'Inhumaine

Facets Silent Sundays:


"What to say about a film that, ninety years on from its release, is still so far ahead of most of what passes for cinema today?... L'Inhumaine must be one of the most absurd Great Movies ever made"   —Senses of Cinema
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Film still: Eroica



"Eroica takes brave aim at the very heart of the Polish character, demolishing then reshaping the notion of male heroism in the modern
age"   —Next Projection
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Film still: Princess


Best Israeli Feature
Best Music
Best Cinematography
Film Fest
"Absorbing, disturbingly seductive"   —Variety
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Film still: 'Til Madness Do Us Part

'Til Madness Do
Us Part

"Wang offers a visual critique that goes much deeper than a simple microcosm of a larger authoritarian society, and provides nuance and ambiguity as rich and as perplexing as the world itself"   —Cinema-Scope
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Film still: Pervert Park

Pervert Park

Special Jury Prize
Grand Jury Prize
Film Fest
4 stars "One of the year's best docs"   —Rolling Stone
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