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April 10–16, 2015

Chicago Premiere

Marfa Girl


Film still: Marfa Girl
Best Film
Rome Film Fest
"This free-form snapshot of a circle of townsfolk in tiny Marfa, Texas, proves a sneakily immersive, weirdly memorable affair"
  —Los Angeles Times
"[Larry] Clark's talent for coaxing performances of naked (yes, both senses) unselfconsciousness from his young casts is unparalleled
"Clark's sympathy for his subjects is more evident than ever"
  —Chicago Reader

Set in the eponymous Texas desert town, Marfa Girl focuses on the culture clash arising from the area's mix of Mexican Americans, ranchers and the border patrol police. Starring a cast of mostly non-actors, Marfa Girl touches upon themes of drug abuse, raw adolescence, and sexuality in Middle America. The clash between the whites and the Mexican Americans intensifies when an eccentric community of artists moves in and the border patrol only increases the tension, leading to tragic results.

It is also a coming-of-age story about Adam (Adam Mediano), a wayward kid, in the days surrounding his sixteenth birthday, showcasing his relationship with his 16-year-old girlfriend Inez (Mercedes Maxwell), his 23-year-old neighbor Donna (Indigo Rael) who attempts to seduce him as a birthday present, his teacher (Lindsay Jones) who is eager to deal out corporal punishment, and a newly arrived local artist (Drake Burnette) who also seeks to have sex with Adam. Once again, the ever-provocative photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark (Kids, Ken Park) allowed his young actors to step away from a glamorized version of the adolescent world that movies so often depict, by exhibiting the dark side of American youth with its disturbing honesty

Directed by Larry Clark, U.S.A., 106 mins.


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  • Mon.–Thurs., Apr. 13–16 at 7 & 9 pm
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