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April 3–9, 2015

Chicago Premiere

Ned Rifle

Film still: Ned Rifle Film still: Ned Rifle Film still: Ned Rifle


Jury Prize
Berlin Intl
Film Fest
"This characteristically sly, unpredictable comedy-adventure should rouse [Hal] Hartley fans from hibernation"
"He's a true independent at a time when that term no longer means much"
  —Hollywood Reporter
Critics' Pick "Hartley's humor and intellectual musings are, as always, fully present, but by anchoring them to a genuinely compelling story of familial retribution, he's made his best film in years"
  —Village Voice
"Hal Hartley's deadpan comedies assail American culture in a distinctive voice that only seems to strengthen with age"
  —Chicago Reader
"Hal Hartley's best movie in years... There's an infectious energy that makes this one of Hartley's most likable works. It's also just damn funny and smart"
Recommended "A confident yet very, very self-effacing fable"
  —NewCity Chicago

Ned Rifle completes the trilogy that began with Henry Fool and continued with Fay Grim, providing an end to an offbeat look at the margins of American society. The artist, the outsider, the renegade have all intrigued filmmaker Hal Hartley over the years, and he has created a cinematic universe that is uniquely his own, stamping his visual and verbal authority on each film.

His latest work includes Henry (Thomas Jay Ryan) and Fay (Parker Posey), but they are secondary characters in what turns into a loving portrait of their son, Ned (Liam Aiken), now eighteen and recently released from a witness protection program. Despite the Christian upbringing he received from his foster parent, a church minister (Martin Donovan), Ned sets out with one goal: to kill his father for having ruined his mother's life. As this serious, well-mannered young man begins his quest for revenge, he soon finds himself amongst a typical band of Hartley miscreants, including Aubrey Plaza as the troublesome, sexy, and hilarious Susan, a grad student obsessed with the work of Ned's uncle, a former poet laureate. This is just the beginning of a wild ride that brings ongoing surprises, weaving a tale of revenge, failure and family ties.

Directed by Hal Hartley, U.S.A., 2014, 85 mins.


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  • Mon.–Thurs., Apr. 6–9 at 7 & 9 pm
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