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August 26–September 1, 2016

Natural Selection

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Film still: Natural Selection


Chicago Premiere

Tyler (Mason Dye) is a young man who is desperately searching for direction from a world that seems to have abandoned him. He wants to open a new chapter in his life, so he relocates to a new town as he begins his senior year. However, as a stranger who is trying to find his way, Tyler becomes easy prey for the predatory jocks who taunt him mercilessly. Surprisingly, he finds himself being shielded from these attacks by a student named Indrid (Ryan Munzert) who befriends him. After Indrid takes the new kid under his wing, Tyler becomes entranced by Indrid's ideology and starts to see the whole world from his perspective. Soon, he is swept up in something that he will not be able to stop, and may be led to commit acts that will permanently change his future for the worse.

Natural Selection is a story of triumph and absolution which explores both sides of human nature. With Anthony Michael Hall.

Directed by Chad Scheifele, 2016, U.S.A. 102 mins.


  • Fri.–Thurs., Aug. 26–Sept. 1 at 7:45 pm
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