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Dec 19–24, 2014

Chicago Premiere

In Bloom
Grzeli nateli dgeebi

Film still: In Bloom Film still: In Bloom Film still: In Bloom
C.I.C.A.E. Award
Berlin Intl
Film Fest
Jury Award
Hong Kong Intl
Film Fest
"Fueling speculation that Georgia could become the next former Soviet republic to enjoy its own cinematic new wave, In Bloom is a superior rites-of-passage drama"
  —Hollywood Reporter
4 stars "As arthouse coming-of-age films go, this is brilliant—smart and sensitive with a screw-you feminist streak... thoughtful and moving"
  —TimeOut London
4 stars "Unpredictable, never forced, and forever compelling"
  —The Guardian
"In Bloom so triumphantly, albeit modestly, transcends its [coming-of-age] category that it's really quite special"
  —Film Comment
"[Filmmaker Nana] Ekvtimishvili infuses the aching soul of old Russia deep in the film's bones, the anger of a violent, yet fragile independence in its face"
  —Chicago Tribune

The award winning In Bloom is a profoundly moving and realistic portrait of two 14-year-old girls living in post-Soviet Georgia. Set in 1992 among the chaos and civil unrest of the newly independent Georgian state, Eka and Natia are coming of age in a tentative society that has yet to gain its footing. Violence and chaos permeate their everyday lives: at school, educators rule with an iron fist and classmates are cruel, while at home, families argue, spurred by the stress of their difficult lives. Eka and Natia seem to only have each other, until the appearance of a gun comes between them. One of the girls wants to keep the weapon for protection from the looming threat of forced kidnapping and marriage, while the other is reluctant to internalize the bleak truth of the corruption that surrounds them.

Based on writer and co-director Nana Ekvtimishvili's own childhood experiences, and featuring radiant performances and beautiful cinematography, In Bloom has the rich texture of authentic lived experience.

Directed by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross, Georgia/Germany/France, 2013, 102 mins. In Georgian with English subtitles


  • Fri., Dec. 19 at 7 & 9 pm
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  • Mon.–Tues., Dec. 22–23 at 7 & 9 pm
  • Wed., Dec. 24 at 7 pm
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