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February 13–19, 2015

Chicago Premiere

Young Bodies Heal Quickly

Film still: Young Bodies Heal Quickly Film still: Young Bodies Heal Quickly


"[An] alternately troubling and rousing experience... chock-full of bravura moments, genuinely inspired performances"
3 stars½
  —Eye for Film
"Odd and lyrical... genuinely strange"
  —Chicago Tribune
"Captivating... Beautiful 16mm cinematography savors both landscape and the intimacies of willful characters who slowly reveal their mysteries"
  —Wall Street Journal
  —Gaper's Block

Older (Gabriel Croft), a young man of 20 years, escapes from jail and seeks out his little brother, Younger, age 10 (Hale Lytle). Clearly a bad influence, Older gets them involved in the "accidental" killing of a young girl and makes things worse by fleeing the scene of the crime. They hide out until their mother can come to help, but rather than turn them over to the police, she aids in their escape. With a tendency to exacerbate even the calmest of situations, the eldest brother gets them booted from each and every hideout, resigning the youngest to follow him into car chases, knife fights with French Chefs, and finally a Vietnam War re-enactment with their estranged father.

With minimal dialogue and an episodic approach, Andrew T. Betzer's feature debut manages to be completely engrossing and at the same time thoroughly unpredictable. Driven by compelling performances from the young leads and actress Kate Lyn Sheil (Listen Up Philip, The Color Wheel), as well as distinctive camerawork by Sean Price Williams, the film is less a coming-of-age tale than a mystifying parable about familial bonds and the substantial costs paid for youthful mistakes.

Directed by Andrew T. Betzer, U.S.A., 2014, 102 mins., In English and French with English subtitles.


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