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Hope in the Face of Adversity:
The Films of Damjan Kozole

Damjan Kozole


July 23–August 7, 2005

Damjan Kozole is an acclaimed film director from Slovenia. Born in Brezice in 1964, he made his first feature film at the age of 22, the low budget The Fatal Telephone, which was one of the first independent films made in former Yugoslavia His fifth feature film Spare Parts (2003) premiered in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival, and was successfully shown at more than fifty international film festivals, where it won many international awards. Kozole's latest film Labour Equals Freedom (2005) will be screened at this year's Locarno Film Festival.

The series is presented with the support of the Slovenian Film Fund, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and EMOTIONFILM and coordinated by Alissa Simon and Facets Multimedia. Special thanks to The Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia, New York.

Opening night film!
Filmmaker Damjan Kozole in person!

Spare Parts
Rezervni deli

Film still: Spare Parts


Recommended "Though unsparingly bleak, it's also poignant, human, and almost funny"
  —Chicago Reader

Set in the ethically unsavory world of immigrant smuggling, Spare Parts approaches its subject from the perspective of the smugglers. Young Rudi, recently recruited as a driver, finds that his disgust for his job is matched by a growing love and appreciation for coworker and newfound father figure Ludvik, a former race car driver turned smuggler. Acclaimed director Damjan Kozole grew up in Krsko, and experienced firsthand the economic desperation that drives both the exploiters and the exploited. Yet this is more than a mere sociological expos,, for Kozole has also created a gripping, uncompromising drama that will haunt you long after the film has concluded.

Directed by Damjan Kozole, Slovenia, 2003, 35mm, 87 mins. In Slovene with English subtitles.

Filmmaker Damjan Kozole will be here in person for a Q&A after the screening. The Slovenian Women's Union of America will be providing appetizers and desserts.


  • Sat., July 23 at 7 pm

Labour Equals Freedom
Delo osvobaja

Film still: Labour Equals Freedom

"Labour Equals Freedom is a tragi-comedy in which despair intertwines with humour, and in which optimism eventually defeats pessimism and dark feelings of despair." —Damjan Kozole.

With Slovenia's integration into the European Union, the main character of the film, Peter, loses his job, which, consequently, triggers many problems. The film speaks of the fears that grow inside us, the fear of losing financial or social security, and the fear of losing our loved ones. The film shows how the protagonist first gives up every hope then regains it through a course of events.

Directed by Damjan Kozole, 2005, 35mm, 71 mins. In Slovene with English subtitles



Film still: Europa

For the Visions of Europe project, the Danish Zentropa Company came up with the idea of 25 directors from 25 different countries in the European Union making a short film pertaining to Europe.

Directed by Damjan Kozole, 2004, Slovenia, DVD, 5 mins. In Slovene with English subtitles.


  • Sun., July 24 at 1 pm


Film still: Pornofilm


Grand Prize
Critics' Award
Audience Award
Slovenian Film Fest

In this comedy of errors, the time has come to make the first pornographic film in Slovenia, and Charlie, a professional shop-window decorator, accidentally falls into the role of director. His friend John, who claims to run a brothel, finds the girls for the female roles, while Frank, who has never been a favorite of Charlie, makes up the third member of the crew. When Kalinka, a Russian prostitute, tries out for the starring role, Charlie becomes smitten. The attractive star helps him overcome his sexual problems, and Charlie cannot help falling in love with her. Trouble arises, however, when a gang of Montenegrin convicts, who have unsettled accounts with John, escape from a prison, the scene and try to once again take over the local prostitution ring.

Directed by Damjan Kozole, 2000, 35mm, 80 mins. In Slovene with English subtitles.


  • Sat., July 30 at 3 pm


Film still: Stereotype
"[Robert] Magnifico's musical number that concludes the film is priceless."
  —Chicago Reader

For ten years Marjetka has shared her life with Max (pop star Roberto Magnifico, who won Slovenia's award for Best Actor), a painter and an uncompromising conceptualist. When their relationship started, things seemed very much different. Max was talented and charming, and Marjetka found herself a job to provide for them until Max becomes "famous and successful". Money and glory have continued to elude Max, but he still believes that he will make it big one day, in "Slovenia—the country of artists."

Directed by Damjan Kozole, 1997, 35mm, 90 mins.


  • Sun., July 31 at 1 pm


Film still: Remington

Oskar Kos, a restless young man, aged 25, escapes from prison five days before his sentence is up. He finds his girlfriend, Lana, and the two of them head for Split in a red Chrysler, with the aim of getting to America via Italy. But the ferry they counted on to take them there only makes the trip once a week in the low season, so Oskar and Lana are forced to spend five agonizing days hiding out in bungalows and camp-sites. Cop Jozef Roposa is on their trail—and maybe that red Chrysler they're driving is a little conspicuous.

Directed by Damjan Kozole, 1988, 35mm, 80 mins.


  • Sat., Aug. 6 at 3 pm

The Fatal Telephone
Usodni telefon

Film still: The Fatal Telephone

The Fatal Telepone was one of the first independent films made in the former Yugoslavia. Movie-buff roommates Vinci Vogue Anzlovar and Miran Sustersic are shooting their first film, a near random collage, on super 8mm. Then they decide it needs sound. One of them talks on the phone every day to an unknown girl. Kozole's debut has a sweet conclusion. In Slovene with English subtitles.

Directed by Damjan Kozole, Slovenia, 1987, 35mm, 70 mins.


  • Sun., Aug. 7 at 1 pm

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