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July 11–17, 2014

Chicago Premiere

Facets Film Dialogue
with actress Abi Van Andel

As It Is In Heaven

Film still: As It Is In Heaven Film still: As It Is In Heaven


Critics' Pick "This low-budget debut by Joshua Overbay cooks a surprising amount of tension from the barest minimum of ingredients"
  —New York Times
"Director [Joshua] Overbay...slowly ratchets up the tension in quietly compelling fashion"
  —Hollywood Reporter
3 stars "A disquieting drama"
  —Chicago Sun-Times
3 stars "Overbay allows viewers to experience cult life without dehumanizing his characters. As It Is in Heaven is deceptively assured in that sense"

Devoted to a simple life of faith in unforgiving Kentucky backcountry, a small religious sect seeks spiritual awakening as their Prophet (John Lina) is near the end of his life as his son, Eamon (Luke Beavers), prepares to step forward as the heir apparent. But, in his last moments, the Prophet instead names newcomer David (Chris Nelson) as his spiritual successor and tension mounts when he makes a prophecy about the end of the world in 30 days.

Fighting doubt every step of the way, David becomes convinced that the Almighty has picked him to lead the "chosen people" while feeling the weight of responsibility as their lives hang in the balance. But, when the prophecy does not come to pass, David struggles to cling to his faith while keeping his community together while Eamon expresses skepticism about David as the anointed of God, so everyone feels pressured to take one side or the other. Tragic events along their journey raise questions about whether the new leader is acting from the Lord's wishes or his own.

As It Is In Heaven deftly leads audiences down a twisting path of passion and devotion, envy and manipulation in this sympathetic portrayal of a modern-day cult leader and his spiritual convictions.

Directed by Joshua Overbay, U.S.A., 2013, 87 mins.

Facets Film Dialogue:
Actress Abi Van Andel will be here for a Q&A after the 5, 7 and 9 pm screenings on Saturday, July 12.


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