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March 6–12, 2015

Chicago Premiere

Kung Fu Elliot

Film still: Kung Fu Elliot Film still: Kung Fu Elliot


Jury Award:
Best Documentary
Film Fest
"Elliot is dynamic, deceptive, and powerful filmmaking"
"Kung Fu Elliot starts off as a cringe-humor portrait of a delusional would-be action star, but gradually transforms into a thoughtful examination of its title character's naïveté"
  —Village Voice
5 stars "Insanely compelling"

Becoming Canada's first action hero is Elliot "White Lightning" Scott's sole motivation. He ambitiously embarks on producing his no-budget karate epic Blood Fight, hot on the heels of his genre flick They Killed My Cat. With support from Linda (his girlfriend/cinematographer/producer/caterer) and an outrageous cast, Scott takes a no-holds-barred approach to completing his film. Elliot and Linda make the movies together, although she takes a decidedly non-nonsense approach to both their personal and working relationships. Elliot might be the artist, but Linda's the one with all the pragmatic business sense The movies clearly take their toll on the couple's relationship as Kung Fu Elliot chronicles two years in the lives of these passionate filmmakers and their eccentric collaborators, yet nothing seems to progress in their personal relationship.

The "so bad they're good" movies of independent filmmakers have a dedicated following, but Jaret Belliveau and Matthew Bauckman do not force scenarios or aim for easy punch lines in their Slamdance award-winning film. Blending cinema-verité and candid interviews, they follow Elliot on this passionate and comedic journey filled with grandiose ambition and a true DIY spirit, which leads to a surprising conclusion once his tales begin to unravel.

Directed by Jaret Belliveau and Matthew Bauckman, Canada, 2013, 88 mins.


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