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Our Teach-In series uses film to create awareness about significant contemporary issues and provoke dialogue and discussion. They are held twice a month and are free-of-charge, although a donation will be requested.

March 12, 2017


Film still: 1984


3 stars½ "The movie looks, feels, and almost tastes and smells like Orwell's bleak and angry vision... This version penetrates much more deeply into the novel's heart of darkness"
  —Roger Ebert

Published in 1949 as a dystopian view of a totalitarian society, George Orwell's ground-breaking book was long seen as prophetic of communist regimes behind the so-called "Iron Curtain." In 2017, the book acquired a new meaning, and is currently the #1 best-selling book on Amazon. A number of film versions of 1984 have been produced over the years. The version screened will be the most recent, directed in 1984 by Michael Radford, and starring John Hurt, Richard Burton, Suzanna Hamilton and Cyril Cusack. It was Richard Burton's last screen appearance, and follows the life of a character named Winston Smith in the mythical country of Oceania, which is run by a totalitarian, all-seeing government.

Directed by Michael Radford, 1984, UK, 113 min.

The screening will be followed by discussion led by Bill Ayers, Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar Retired at the University of Illinois Chicago Circle and the author of numerous books. Ayers's most recent book is Demand the Impossible: A Radical Manifesto.


  • Sunday, March 12 at 1 pm

FREE admission!
Donations are requested.


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