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May 29–June 4

Chicago Theatrical

The Chambermaid
Das Zimmermädchen Lynn

Film still: The Chambermaid Film still: The Chambermaid


Best Artistic Contribution
Montréal World
Film Fest
Young German Cinema Award
Munich Film Fest
"Rarely has fetishism been portrayed with such intense, empathetic attention to detail, yet [director Ingo] Haeb never seeks to draw viewers into his heroine's point of view; instead, he minutely observes her strange behavior, with a remarkable lack of prurience or judgment"

Lynn is a timid chambermaid who feels safe if she adheres to familiar routines, places and objects. Her regimented life means that she finds the lives of the guests in the hotel in which she works fascinating, causing her to spend more time than necessary in the rooms looking through their belongings and trying on their clothes. She wants to know what's behind the lives of others, and how her own life could be different.

After nearly being caught in a guest's room and having to hide under the bed, her penchant for spying grows and she takes particular interest in a dominatrix Chiara, who is hired on a regular basis by one of the guests. Chiara eventually discovers the spying Lynn and an unlikely friendship develops between them. Bold and unrestrained, Chiara soon draws Lynn out of her shell, opening her up to a new intimacy Lynn had previously only experienced as an intrepid voyeur.

Directed by Ingo Haeb, 2014, Germany, 90 mins. In German with English subtitles.


  • Fri., May 29 at 7 & 9 pm
  • Sat., May 30 at 3, 5, 7 & 9 pm
  • Sun., May 31 at 5:30 & 7:30 pm
  • Mon.–Thurs., Jun. 1–4 at 7 & 9 pm
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