Facets Cinémathèque

October 16–22, 2015

Chicago Theatrical


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Film still: Breathe Film still: Breathe


"A compelling, superbly acted portrait of an adolescent friendship perched on the brink of obsession"
  —Hollywood Reporter
"Breathe conveys an uncanny insight into the psychology of late adolescence... blunt and painfully accurate"
  —New York Times
"An intriguing and ultimately compelling psychological drama"
  —Screen International
"Thrilling, insightful... [Director Mélanie Laurent] gets superb performances from her two young leads"
  —AV Club
3 stars "A confident and scary film"
3 stars "Precisely woven together, from script to performance to execution, and the result is a chilling study of emotional annihilation and its aftermath"
  —Chicago Tribune

Acclaimed actress Mélanie Laurent takes the director's chair for this emotionally seductive and hugely affecting drama about an adolescent friendship perched on the brink of obsession. At 17, Charlie (Joséphine Japy) is a polite, attractive and well-behaved high school student who befriends the outspoken and rebellious new girl, Sarah (Lou de Laâg). They become inseparable, as Sarah offers both companionship and support for Charlie at a time when she desperately needs it, while her unstable mother copes badly with impending divorce. However, Sarah's interest eventually wanes, and the devastated Charlie vainly attempts to win Sarah back, with a persistence that comes at a high cost.

Laurent's highly refined thriller delves into the deep and dark connections that make youthful relationships so quixotic and powerful. It also captures the complexity of intense female relationships and the mercurial nature of high school friendships. Based on the French bestseller Respire (written by author Anne-Sophie Brasme when she herself was 17), Breathe recalls the sting of young rejection, and how it feels to be slighted by a friend you would do anything to get back.

Directed by Mélanie Laurent, 2014, France, 91 mins. In French with English subtitles.


  • Fri., Oct. 16 at 7 & 9 pm
  • Sat., Oct. 17 at 3, 5, 7 & 9 pm
  • Sun., Oct. 18 at 1, 3, 5 & 7 pm
  • Mon.–Thurs., Oct. 19–22 at 7 & 9 pm
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