Facets Cinémathèque

September 25–October 1, 2015

Chicago Premiere


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Film still: Wildlike Film still: Wildlike
"A nuanced, troubling, uplifting, beautifully rendered meditation on manhood and fatherhood"
  —Huffington Post
"[Bruce] Greenwood's quiet, assured performance conveys volumes of unspoken emotion"
  —Hollywood Reporter
"Greenwood brings his usual A-game... [Ella] Purnell delivers a nuanced, damaged performance reminiscent of peak Kristen Stewart"
  —Village Voice
"Uncommon and deeply sensitive"
  —Los Angeles Times
"Frank Hall Green, directing his own script, maintains a poker-faced perspective, offering no hints as to where the story might lead and allowing scenes to unfold casually. The epiphanies arrive unexpectedly and are delivered with admirable restraint."
  —Chicago Reader

Mackenzie (Ella Purnell, Malificent), a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent by her desperate and struggling mother to live with her uncle (Bruce Geraghty, The Hurt Locker) in Juneau, Alaska. Although her uncle initially seems like a supportive caretaker/friend, the relationship takes an uncomfortably sinister turn, and Mackenzie is forced to run away. Trying to make her way back to Seattle alone to find her absent mother, Mackenzie instead ends up going ever deeper into the Alaskan interior. Lost and with no one else to turn to, a chance connection with a loner backpacker, Rene Bartlett (Bruce Greenwood, Star Trek) proves to be her only lifeline. As Mackenzie shadows Bartlett across the last frontier, she thwarts his efforts to cut her loose until Bartlett has no choice but to help her survive in the wilderness.

Against the backdrop of a spectacular Alaska landscape, they discover the redemptive power of friendship. Mackenzie and Bartlett prove to be the unlikely salve for each other's scars, until the damage Mackenzie carries with her threatens to destroy her newfound sanctuary. Returning to civilization, Mackenzie is once again at risk of capture by her uncle as he hounds with manipulative calls and messages. When Bartlett finally discovers her alarming secret, he must make a bold choice to take real responsibility for Mackenzie and help her escape her traumatic past and return home.

Directed by Frank Hall Green, 2014, U.S.A., 104 mins.


  • Fri., Sept. 25 at 7 & 9 pm
  • Sat., Sept. 26 at 3, 5, 7 & 9 pm
  • Sun., Sept. 27 at 1, 3, 5 & 7 pm
  • Mon.–Thurs., Sept. 28–Oct. 1 at 7 & 9 pm
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$10 general admission

$5 for Facets Members

The Facets Cinémathèque is located at 1517 W. Fullerton Ave. in Chicago. Call the Cinémathèque Hotline at 773.281.4114 for the latest schedule, showtimes and updates.

For all Cinémathèque inquiries, contact Charles Coleman at 773.281.9075 or

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