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Film still: Copwatch



"Copwatch does best when going back to the source of activism's power... This is the angriest, loudest way to go about peace, love and understanding"   —Paste Magazine
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Film still: Romeo Is Bleeding

Romeo Is Bleeding

Audience Award
—Best Documentary
San Francisco
Intl Film Fest
"Moving and compelling"   —IndieWire
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Film still: Women Who Kill

Women Who Kill

"A fresh twist on indie comedy, romance and serial killers... [Ingrid Jungermann] brings a strong eye as a director to her feature debut"   —Los Angeles Times
"A comedy that plays it droll and is all the funnier for it"   —New York Times
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Film still: Dr. Strangelove

Facets Teach-In

"You can't fight in here....It's the War Room!"

Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb with Rachel Bronson

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Film still: Unrest


Facets Film Dialogue


Special Jury Prize
Sundance Film Fest
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Film still: Super Dark Times


Super Dark Times

"An effective, nasty thriller and a rare horror film that provides an emotional investment"   —The Film Stage
"Sharply observed"   —Screen International
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Film still: Nobody's Watching

Nobody's Watching

Critics' Pick "Smart and engaging"   —New York Times
"Thoughtful, perceptive... Guillermo Pfening delivers a masterful, low-key performance"   —Hollywood Reporter
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Film still: I Am Another You

I Am Another You

"Eloquent, disquieting"   —Hollywood Reporter
"Intimate and eye-opening... [Filmmaker Nanfu] Wang once again proving adept at profiling the lives of extraordinary individuals with universal resonance"   —Screen International
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Film still: Cold Moon


Chicago Premiere!

Cold Moon

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Film still: La Barracuda

La Barracuda

"[An] absorbing, mostly low-key thriller, which builds atmosphere, psychological texture, an ingrained sense of place and a needling undercurrent of dread"   —Hollywood Reporter
"A smart, tense movie with two great performances at its center"   —
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Film still: Malcolm X


Facets Teach-In

What Is Islam?

Malcolm X with Laith Al-Saud

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Film still: The Double Life of Veronique



The Double Life
of Veronique

4stars "This is one of the most beautiful films I've seen"   —Roger Ebert
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Film still: October

Facets Teach-In

What is the meaning of a revolution?

October: Ten Days That Shook the World
—with Yuri Tsivian

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Film still: Hard, Fast and Beautiful

Facets Teach-In

Why aren't there more women in film?

Ida Lupino's Hard, Fast and Beautiful
with Therese Grisham


Past features for September

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Film still: After Love

After Love

4 stars "A painfully intimate, horribly fascinating drama... After Love is intelligent, compassionate, challenging film-making"   —The Guardian
"As sharp and savage as any breakup drama this side of A Separation"   —IndieWire
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Film still: Temple



Chicago Premiere!

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Film still: Nocturama


"Hypnotically unsettling... At once an oblique thriller and a cool, mesmerizing provocation"   —Los Angeles Times
3 stars½   —
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Film still: Free in Deed

Free in Deed

Venice Horizons Award
—Best Film
Venice Film Fest
"Potent, provocative"   —Variety
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Film still: The Stepford Wives

Facets Teach-In

The Fembot Mystique
The Stepford Wives

with Helen Thompson, Professor of English and Gender Studies, Northwestern University

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Film still: The Sensitives


One screening only!

The Sensitives

"An affecting and sympathetic portrait of survival"   —Hollywood Reporter
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Film still: Wanda




"A first film but a masterpiece... a confidential treasure"   —New Yorker
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Film still: 4 Days in France

4 Days in France

"A mesmerizing road movie"   —NPR
"Surprisingly tender... uncommonly perceptive"   —Variety
3 stars½   —Slant Magazine
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Film still: Rat Film

Rat Film

Critics' Pick "Equal parts disturbing and humorous, informative and bizarre"   —New York Times
"It's one of the most extraordinary, visionary inspirations in the recent cinema"   —New Yorker
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