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Film still: Men Go to Battle

Men Go to Battle

Jury Award:
Best Narrative Feature
Tribeca Film Fest
Critics' Pick   —New York Times
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Film still: Natural Selection


Chicago Premiere!

Natural Selection

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Film still: Hooligan Sparrow

Hooligan Sparrow

"Admirably gutsy"   —New York Times
"Tremendous"   —Village Voice
4 stars "It's miraculous that the film exists at all"   —RogerEbert.com
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Film still: Neither Heaven Nor Earth

Neither Heaven
Nor Earth

"Genuinely haunting"   —New York Times
"One of the more unusual and effective explorations of modern war and its capacity for bewilderment and piercing damage"   —Los Angeles Times
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Film still: Other People

Other People

"An assured, gently funny debut about family tragedy"   —Hollywood Reporter
4 stars"Profoundly touching... Further proof that when it comes to drama, comedy actors are often the experts"   —The Guardian
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Film still: London Road

London Road

"A work of great finesse and originality"   —Hollywood Reporter
5 stars "Enthralling and haunting"   —TimeOut London
5 stars "Utterly gripping"   —The Guardian
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Film still: Silicon Cowboys


Silicon Cowboys

"A lively look at an underexposed tech-biz success story"   —Hollywood Reporter
"Fascinating... By turns amusing and illuminating, and quite often both simultaneously"   —Variety
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Film still: My Blind Brother


My Blind Brother

"A rock-solid cast, and [Jenny] Slate stands out in particular"   —Variety
"A deeply humane and frequently hilarious comedy"   —Indiewire
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Film still: Tharlo



"Beguiling"   —Screen International
"Masterful"   —Senses of Cinema

Past features for August

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Film still: Right Now, Wrong Then

Right Now,
Wrong Then

Golden Leopard
Best Actor
Jury Prize
Locarno Intl
Film Fest
"The very best film released in 2016 so far"   —AV Club
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Film still: For the Plasma

For the Plasma

"Exquisitely delusional"   —New Yorker
3 stars "A delightful oddity... happily strange, joyfully bizarre and particularly unforgettable"   —RogerEbert.com
Recommended   —NewCity Film
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Film still: The Seventh Fire

The Seventh Fire

Critics' Pick "Searing... powerful"   —New York Times
4 stars "An empathetic, often heartbreaking piece of work"   —TimeOut London
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Film still: Private Property

Newly discovered and restored!

Private Property

Critics' Pick "Tense and upsetting"   —New York Times
3 stars½   —Slant Magazine
4 stars   —The Guardian
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Film still: Weepah Way for Now


One show only!

Weepah Way for Now

"Writer-director Stephen Pierce Ringer maintains proper emotional temperature throughout the film's tonal shifts"   —Los Angeles Daily News
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Film still: Kaili Blues

Kaili Blues

Best Emerging Director
Best First Feature
Locarno Intl
Film Fest
Recommended "Boldly original"   —Chicago Reader
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Film still: Lace Crater

Lace Crater

"Spooky and inventive"   —Cinema Scope
4 stars   —Eye for Film
Recommended "Blissfully strange"   —NewCity Chicago
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Film still: Singing Behind the Screens



Singing Behind the Screens

"Veteran helmer Ermanno Olmi has crafted his most complex and sumptuous work to date"   —Variety
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Film still: Down by Love

Down by Love

"[Adéle] Exarchopoulos pulls off a blend of pouty yet tough demeanour with aplomb; stage-trained [Guillaume] Gallienne coveys authoritative confidence undercut by the vulnerability of a lovesick teenager and a strong whiff of narcissism"   —Screen International
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Film still: Billionaire Ransom


Chicago Premiere!

Billionaire Ransom

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Film still: Level Up


One show only!

Level Up

"Intriguing"   —Village Voice
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