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Facets Summer Film Institute

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Facets Film Institute is a unique professional development course that gives teachers innovative tools to enrich their classroom experience with film. Earn 30 Clock Hours!

"Professional-development opportunities like the one at Facets are rare—many teachers who might like to incorporate film may not know where to start." —Education Week

Why it Matters

Students live in a media saturated world. But they rarely have the critical tools to fully understand the media they consume and produce.

To solve this problem, Facets Film Institute gives teachers the tools to integrate film into their lesson plans and give students the ability to approach media critically. Our curriculum is aligned with Chicago Public Schools Arts Education Plan.

Film education is...

Collaborative: Make connections between film and core subjects.
Diverse: Expand worldviews and explore different cultures.
Innovative: Enrich the classroom with multi-media arts education.
Imaginative: Engage students and activate their creative potentials.

How It Works

Participants work with Institute instructors to expand their film knowledge and develop lesson plans responsive to media arts curriculum standards.

Each day film scholars provide expert instruction on specific subjects. Participants then apply and deepen their learning through guided screenings, group discussions, and curriculum-building exercises.

Day 1: Lighting, Camera Angles, and Set Design
Discover how mise-en-scène and visual style work in film.

Day 2: The Impact of Film Editing
Learn about editing and how the language of film is created.

Day 3: Narrative in Cinema
See how narrative is constructed through film language.

Day 4: History of World Cinema
Understand how films work in historical and cultural contexts.

Day 5: Film Literacy = Media Literacy
Learn how to use film in your classroom as an intersection of pop-culture, history, politics, and industry.


Dates & Time: July 10–14, 2017; 9:00 am–4:30 pm

Program Fee: $395; Facets Members: $350
*Ask your school about payment reimbursement options

Credits: 30 Clock Hours (formerly CPDUs)

Meals: Breakfast and coffee provided

Location: Facets, 1517 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL 60614


Film Institute Brochure [PDF]


For more information, contact Summer Film Institute Coordinator Paul Gonter by phone at 773.281.9075, ext. 3043, or by email at paul@facets.org.