Young Chicago Critics interns

Facets Internships are a great learning experience for anyone inte rested in event coordination, film, fundraising, writing, marketing, publicity, non-profit development and PR. Some internships are seasonal and others are based on need.

Internships Available

Facets Programs Assistant

Assist with the day-to-day promotion and operations of various Facets programs, from the Cinematheque to the Facets Kids app to the DVD label. Intern researches info on film s for release on DVD, searches for clips for miscellaneous projects, distributes handbills and schedules, writes original content for Facets' film blogs, and assists in the DVD authoring process when needed. Interns can gain experience in project management, film research, writing and publicity. Applicant should have knowledge or interest in film studies or film production, be detail oriented, and have experience in writing, general office skills, and Internet research. Profic iency with graphic design programs a plus.

Duties include:

  • Assist with Facets printed and electronic promotional materials. May involve some research and proofreading
  • General office assistance, such as photocopying and filing
  • Research and contact interested parties about Facets releases
  • Watch Facets DVD titles prior to national release date, observing for continuity, subtitling, print, and sound quality
  • Pull screen grabs for packaging and promotions
  • Coordinate and execute print materials for distribution efforts
  • Write about various aspects of film for Facets Features blog

Education and experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in film studies, art history, visual media, communications, or related field preferred
  • Knowledge of film history, important films and movements, and major directors preferred
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office products and extensive library and web search tools
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop) preferred
Festival Programming Assistant

The Programming Assistant works closely with the Programming Director to coordinate Festival submissions, process entries, and develop and execute film screenings, workshops and special events. Candidates should have a background in film production or criticism, have strong writing skills (for note-taking, correspondence and film descriptions) or have coordinated events. Interns can gain experience in project management, event coordination, research, film programming, writing and publicity.

Duties include:

  • Research and solicitation of festival entries. Include s correspondence by phone and e-mail with international filmmakers and organizations.
  • Organizing information and materials for all entries including: descriptions, photos, publicity materials (posters/flyers), contact information and technical information (format, running time, country of production, year of production, etc.), fees and preview/ screening formats (DVD's/prints).
  • Reviewing submissions and providing Programming Direct or with detailed notes on content, plot, character, objectionable material, and programming suggestions.
  • Organizing information and materials for Selection Committee and Juries.
  • Assisting with writing and editing program book a nd schedule materials (film, workshop and special event descriptions, fact checking).
  • Development of film screening programs, receptions, and workshops (programming).
  • Project management, assistance and/or facilitation of screenings, work shops, special programs or receptions. Could include: writing, logistics, supplies, technical assistance, public relations, publicity, location set up/take down, communications liaison, reports, box office, crowd control, talent coordination, stage management, or other event management type duties.
  • Correspondence with filmmakers, film distributors, speakers, workshop leaders, and the general public regarding festival film programs, workshops and events.
  • Editing, duplicating and proofing screening program DVD's.
  • Assistance with marketing and publicity of screenings, workshops and events.
  • Assistance with workshops, screenings or special projects as requested.
  • Research potential new members of Festival Adult Jury for participation invitation; organize availability of potential adult jurors; organize viewing lists for Adult Jury, Children's Juries
  • Researching potential films/tv episodes for solicitation database to invite to submit, based on programmatic guidelines.
  • Updating database of world-wide film festivals for competitive information.
  • Updating, refreshing, researching call for entries database to reflect film organizations, schools, television and film studios in order to announce a series of dedicated Call for Entry marketing e-blasts.
Festival Registrar

(Fall only)

The Festival Registrar manages "film traffic" files, correspondence, distribution, and databases for screenings and workshops of the Chicago International Children's Film Festival. Candidates should have a background in film production or criticism, have good organizational skills, or have coordinated events. Interns can gain experience in project management, event coordination, research, film programming, writing and publicity.

Duties include:

  • Assisting with correspondence between CICFF and submitters (filmmakers, distributors, producers) and other festivals for inbound/outbound traffic information and details.
  • Follow-up on all acceptance emails to make certain submitters alerted (primarily, with films whose festival preview screening formats are noted as containing a watermark)*
  • Preparing and maintaining the Shipment Information Worksheet for tracking and shipping Festival Formats to and from CICFF. (Separate excel document from Master List.)
  • Coordinating inbound/outbound of shipment information, packaging, shipping, and tracking of all Festival exhibition screening formats to and from the CICFF including DCPs and KDMs; Blu-rays; DVDs; 35 mm prints.
  • Arrange all Festival formats of value in CICFF "vault" in basement (largely, DCPs/prints).
  • Updating screening schedules in Master List to reflect time/date of individual film's screening.
  • Creation and generation of Festival "burned screener" library in shared drive. Create and check for play for each burned disc for each time that the film is shown. Co-ordinate creation of bins for each (2) screenings for every venue on a daily basis. Notate in "burned library" spreadsheet the number of burns created.
  • Update Master List for notations helpful to projectionists: aspect ratios, chapters on compilations; deviations in sound, subtitles; menu notations. Including all these notations on each copy of every burned disc.
  • Duplicating a ProPass library for separate use during the festival, ProPass to be managed by Festival personnel at Facets daily, TBD.
  • Correspondence and delivery for each Festival screening program's screening formats (including compilation DVDs and individual films' burned screeners) to theaters' managers/ projectionists, at least two days prior to screening date OR per agreed-upon deadlines with partner venues.
  • Checking all exhibition copies sent to the Festival: Form at, language, quality, sound, as pect ratio, editing requests (if made)
  • Corroborating exhibition copy is what was noted as to be supplied by submitter.
  • Noting any arriving exhibition format deviations immediately to the Programming Director.
  • Arrange for physical walk-through's of all venues to check for capabilities.
  • Sending out final e-blast, informing submitters when films are screening.
  • Negotiating with customs, as necessary, to ensure that all films will be screened on their appropriate dates, as scheduled.
  • The Registrar will be required to compile a Final Report summarizing all print shipment costs and details regarding shipment coordination, outstanding fees/issues, and suggestions.
  • Outbound traffic: check with Programming Director for all films needed to stay/duplicate for post-festival group sales bookings
  • Co-ordinate and confirm post-festival shipping with submitter (primary contact)
Marketing/Social Media Coordinator

Students can expect to learn and gain proficiency in the use of social media as part of a coordinated marketing approach. This internship will offer participants the opportunity to help identify and analyze a target audience and plan and implement elements of marketing campaigns. This position also serves as Facets' liaison to online and social-media- based networks of film-lovers, keeping Facets apprised of ongoing conversations and raising online awareness of Facets' mission, programs, and offerings. Applicants should possess creativity, a broad and informed love of movies, attention to detail, experience in writing, general office skills, and Internet research. Responsibilities may also include coordinating promotional relationships and items for Facets, Facets Children's Programs and special events, publicizing in ethnic or niche markets, and Festival publicity coordination. Proficiency with graphic design programs a plus.

Duties include:

  • Keeping tabs on a variety of key film blogs, sites, and Twitter accounts, and participating intelligently in the conversation as a representative of Facets
  • Manage and monitor all Facets social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr; which includes finding content, publishing the content, and keeping up with any comments or interaction from our followers
  • Keeping track of ongoing developments in social media and brainstorming ways that Facets can adapt to these developments in order to build awareness and gain new members, customers, and community participants
  • Communicating regularly with Project Manager to discuss activity, impressions, insights, and ideas
  • Contacting businesses and organizations to coordinate publicity for Facets and Facets Children's Programs.
  • Helping to coordinate and distribute marketing and publicity materials online or through mailings or canvassing.
  • Writing/proofing/editing for website, blogs, newsletters, press releases, proposals, pitches or other promotional materials
Summer Kids Film Camp and Jury Assistant

(Summer only)

This intense summer internship assists with operations, logistics, and teaching assistance for Facets Academy—Summer Film School programs such as Facets Kids Film Camp for kids ages 7–14, other summer filmmaking camps and workshops, and the Adult and Children's Juries. Candidates should be interested in event coordination, enjoy working with the general public, be detail oriented, and be available Monday–Friday throughout the summer, as well as the first 2 weekends in August. Experience working with kids and an interest in film is a plus. Interns will gain experience in project and event management, public relations, event logistics, filmmaking, and working with kids.

Duties may include:

  • Administrative duties (paperwork, contact details, correspondence with participants, evaluations, jury tabulations and notes, data entry, etc.).
  • Organizing program materials (handouts, pencils, tech equipment).
  • Assisting with the camp activities and filmmaking exercises (in-class writing exercises, activities, and co-leading kids in development and production of original short films).
  • Coordinating, training and supervising parent volunteers and support staff.
  • Serving as primary contact for participants (answering questions, managing check in/out, guidance, etc.).
  • Coordination of Adult and Children's Juries (roster, film lists, rating sheets and award calculations).
  • Assisting with program orientations.
  • Coordination and preparation of snacks and receptions for programs.
Facets Cinema Marketing Assistant

Applicant should have knowledge or interest in film studies or film production, be detail oriented and have experience in writing business letters and cold calling. Candidates should demonstrate initiative in conjunction with organizational skills, attention to detail and able to meet deadline situations. This internship offers the opportunity to gain proficiency in public relations and target marketing. Friday availability (all or part of day) required.

Duties include:

  • Contacting businesses, institutions, libraries, journal ists, community groups, and professors to publicize and promote Cinémathèque films; niche/target marketing.
  • Researching and maintaining marketing and audience development databases (relevant community, ethnic, and educational groups); data entry.
  • Creating weekly lobby display for Cinémathèque screenings; coordinating reviews, articles and photos.
  • Coordinating press for Facets films and programs; including cross-promotional strategies.
  • Composition of press releases for film calendar and related promotional materials.
  • Conducting research projects for the Cinémathèque
  • Coordinating special Facets receptions and events (some evening and weekend time may be requested)
  • Creating and maintaining in-house marketing materials for Cinémathèque and Videotheque.
  • Possible assistance with print traffic coordination.
  • Assistance with mass mailings to promote Facets programs.
  • Updating Facets press and mailing lists.
Children's Film Acquisitions Assistant

Help Facets build the world's leading library of the best children's films. This internship position includes extensive communication with leading children's filmmakers, film producers, and other rights holders worldwide. Top notch organizational and communication (written and oral) skills are a pre-requisite. You will learn the structures of licensing and distribution, the vetting of digital and other collateral distribution materials, and the negotiation process. In the process, you will be part of a team which will change the future of children's media. This unpaid internship offers the opportunity to gain proficiency in content generation skills like professional writing, structured-content authoring, editing, documentation, and, depending on the candidate, graphic design and multimedia development.

Duties include:

  • Research films, directors, genres, and niche movie audiences
  • Write and edit copy for web publication
  • Gather content from various online resources and databases
  • Organize large amounts of data for a diverse team
  • Format text, images, graphics, and movies for the web
  • Navigate content management systems (CMS)
  • Prioritize content that relates to our audience's activities and interests

Education and experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in journalism, communications, film studies, library science, or related field preferred
  • Content development experience preferred
  • Ability to work independently to meet benchmarks
  • Knowledge of film history, important films, and major directors preferred
  • Experience with content management systems (HTML5, CSS) preferred
  • Proficient with Excel, Photoshop, and web search tools
Facets DVD Label—Sales, Marketing and Publicity

The Facets DVD label distributes international and independent films on DVD, digitally and in theatres around the country. Interns will participate in all aspects of independent film distribution including DVD releases, digital delivery and educational marketing. Tasks involve customer research and development, creating marketing materials and Internet campaigns, coordinating with press, creating promotional video clips, designing press kits, and interacting with filmmakers. Duties are in the field of film distribution—this is not a production job. Applicants should be web-savvy and proficient with both PCs and Macs and Excel. Photoshop skills not required but appreciated. Interest in film marketing and distribution, and/or film publicity is a plus. The environment is informal and collaborative and involves direct contact with all levels of Facets staff.

Daily tasks include:

  • Working with Sales team to research additional sales outlets.
  • Assisting staff with tracking and archiving of reviews and other media.
  • Maintaining and updating the Facets EDU word press site.
  • Assisting in the production of email promotions and press releases.
  • Assisting with mailings to media and other contacts.
  • Streaming of clips for current and past Facets DVD releases.
Facets Editorial and Media Archivist Assistant

Working directly with Facets Digital Media and Project Coordi nator, this opportunity helps Facets produce engaging digital content for our blog, social media network, and printed marketing materials. This project-based internship gives participants the opportunity to apply their background in film studies or film production to the world of marketing. The intern will work with each department of Facets and help manage brand identity by creating content centered on our products and services. Projects will range from conducting interviews to covering Facets' events, from writing for our blog to creating animated GIFs, from video production to photography and graphic design.

Projects may include:

  • Manage the Facets Features blog including: writing essays, conducting interviews, soliciting content, and figuring out ways to expand the blog's reach. This position will be writing and editing intensive.
  • Create sharable video content for Facets' website and social media. This will include both pre- and post-production for videos to advertise Facets Summer Film Institute, Facets Kids Film Camp, Chicago International Children's Film Festival, among other events.
Development/Special Events Assistant

This internship introduces students to nonprofit fundraising through practical, hands-on experience. Students will take part in core initiatives of both individual and institutional giving and will work directly with our Development team. This role is perfect for an organized individual who is interested in pursuing a career in arts nonprofit management.

Responsibilities include:

  • Planning and executing special events and projects
  • Building and strengthening relationships with donors
  • Conducting individual donor/ foundation research
  • Researching for and writing grant proposals
  • Database management
  • Completing administrative duties, as needed
  • May be asked to work additional hours (nights and weekends) as needed


Internships require an average of 3, 8-hour days (weekdays) per week for a 3–4 month period. Some internships may require additional hours, evenings and weekends.


Internships are unpaid however, they do include many perks with Facets Cinema, rentals, classes, and special events. Most of all, Facets internships are an intense and rewa rding learning experience with a unique and celebrated Chicago non-profit arts organization.


There is no application deadline although application materials should be submitted 2–6 months prior to the upcoming internship session. Internships are roughly seasonal (Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall).

Upon receipt of résumé, we will send additional details about Facets internships along with an internship application to be completed. All candidates must submit the internship application to be considered for an interview.

Printable internship application [PDF]
Online internship application


Contact Kathleen Beckman at 773.281.9075 ext 3037,