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If film is your passion, it's time for your close-up.

As a Facets member, you will be a part of a passionate film community.

You will be there, close-up, as directors discuss their films at exclusive premieres.

Facets Cinematheque

A year-round film festival of great movies you can't see anywhere else.

Watch awesome movies direct from the world's most prestigious and cutting edge film festivals (and sometimes, straight off the editing bench!)

Facets is a community of film lovers—passionate like you—with whom to share the coolest movie experiences:

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  • Premieres
  • Filmmakers and actors in person
  • Retrospectives
  • Rediscoveries
  • Private screenings
  • Receptions
  • Filmmaker seminars
  • Film dialogues

Facets Cinematheque:
for a once-in-a-lifetime
movie experience

You will be in the know, with personal access to our famous library of 65,000 films on DVD.

Facets Videotheque

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Over 30 years in the making, the Facets Videotheque is unmatched and unparalleled as your private archive of over 65,000 films that spans the history of film.

You'll find classics, documentaries, contemporary art films from virtually every country, independent features, silent films—thousands of untold treasures simply not available anywhere else.

Check out films in person, or order them online 24/7 to have them shipped to you. Keep them as long as you like and watch at your convenience.

The knowledgeable and resourceful Facets film team is always there to discuss movies with you, and to help you discover films that will become experiences of a lifetime.

Your membership helps support Facets, a 40-year-old non-profit educational institution built on the love of movies. Over 8,000 inner-city youths will get to see and learn from the best children's films from all over the world—thanks to you.

Facets Education

At Facets, film becomes a powerful, transformative platform which connects kids to learning. In total, Facets programs have reached over 500,000 children. Each year, over 23,000 children participate in an extraordinary range of programs:

  • Screenings of award-winning children's films for school groups
  • Special programs that combine screenings and education sessions to focus on...
    • School violence, and how students can prevent violence through peaceful conflict resolution
    • Citizenship, problem-solving, identity, literature, social studies, science, and mathematics
  • Directors in the Schools, in which filmmakers bring their films to schools in spirited presentations and extended discussions
  • School residencies, or 10-week intensives, in which children learn storytelling through animation and documentary, and journalism principles in the Why News Matters? program
  • The Chicago International Children's Film Festival—the oldest and largest festival of films for children in North America—features over 250 new films each year, and a special schedule and curriculum for hundreds of participating schools
  • Year-round workshops and seminars for children and youth
Kids in filmmaking program

At Facets, education doesn't stop with students. Facets Summer Film Institute is a one-week intensive course for teachers, providing a college-level Film Studies education with practical application: how film can help teachers invigorate the classroom.

Film education also extends to the Facets DVD Label, which focuses on the acquisition, publication, and national distribution of important feature and documentary films for libraries, universities, and intrepid viewers.

Facets Children + Youth

Chicago Children's Film Festival

Film is the platform with which Facets helps kids be smart and realize their full potential.

Children and youth are at the center of the most extensive film-based program for young people anywhere:

  • Serve as a jury member of the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, one of the greatest festivals of films for kids.
  • Work in teams to learn the elements of filmmaking in Facets Summer Film Camp.
  • Watch hundreds of the best films for children and youth from all over the world.
  • Discuss films and learn from some of the world's great filmmakers.
  • Learn in year-round workshops, seminars, and classes.
  • Travel as a Facets Film Ambassador to take part in film festival juries in places like Italy, South Korea, India, and Canada.
  • Celebrate birthdays and special events with Facets Movie-Themed Parties
Chicago Children's Film Festival 2

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The greatest collection of movies you love

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  • No due dates or late fees
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  • VIP invitations to festival openings, film premieres, filmmaker appearances, and Free Member-only screenings
  • Personalized movie recommendations by our expert staff, not computer algorithms

Your Enrichment

  • Priority registration for scholarly lectures, discussions, classes, and filmmaker seminars
  • Shop local and take pride in supporting film initiatives in your community

Your membership helps Facets,
a non-profit organization...

Kids working on film project
  • Bring the best children's films in the world for free to over 8,000 economically-disadvantaged children each and every year
  • Preserve and conserve dozens of films every year threatened with extinction
  • Build the world's greatest library of foreign, independent, classic, silent, documentary and experimental films
  • Provide scholarships for 75 kids each year to the Facets Kids Film Camp
  • Screen great but underappreciated films that would otherwise be unavailable to Chicago audiences
  • Present pioneering educational programs which use film as a transformative tool to connect kids to learning

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