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Private Century
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"It's an intense, moving experience… From something like this probably emerged Italian neo-realism..." (Milos Forman)

As addictive as Best of Youth, as morally incisive as The Decalogue, Jan Šikl's remarkable 8-part “film cycle” PRIVATE CENTURY is a unique series of films which tells the stories of ordinary people caught in the wheels of history.

Each film is edited entirely from amateur family home movies and narrated in the first person. The cycle of eight 52-minute-long films follows average people going about spontaneous everyday lives. They grow up, fall in love, get married, go on vacation; experience lives familiar to all. This immediacy is Private Century’s genius.

Intimate and intense, moving and surprising, the films present history as it has rarely been told—spine tingling as a thriller, and profound as if the subjects were our own family. Seen individually, each film is an absolute gem. Experienced cumulatively, Private Century approaches War and Peace, becoming an epic where private memories turn public.