Facets Teach-Ins

Films to change the world.

Facets Teach-Ins use film to create awareness of significant contemporary issues and provoke dialogue and discussion.

Our goal is to expand audience horizons, connect people of diverse cultures, political persuasions, socio-economic backgrounds and points-of-view, and promote discussion and learning.

Facets Teach-Ins are founded in the belief that public discourse is essential to democracy and a free society.


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Film still: Winter Soldier

What really happened in Vietnam?

Winter Soldier with Mark Bradley

"Deeply upsetting...this remains essential viewing"   —Chicago Reader
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Film still: Winter Soldier

How music can change the world

Latcho Drom with Marguerite Horberg

4 stars "Exuberant and stirring... this movie is so powerful you virtually have to force yourself not to dance during long stretches of it"   —Chicago Reader
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Film still: The Organizer

Does the Working Class Go To Heaven?

The Organizer with Julia Berkowitz

"Arguably one of the great Italian films of the 60s, it cries out for rediscovery"   —Chicago Reader
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Film still: Victim

Why are LGBTQ+
rights necessary?

Victim with Nick Davis

4 stars   —TimeOut London,  Roger Ebert