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Holiday Film Programs

Celebrate the season of cheer with these films about warmth, family and the magic of Christmas! Programs for Pre-K & K and grades 1–8.

Film still from Creature Comfort program

Creature Comfort

Animated Shorts Program
Grades K–2 (Ages6+)

All world language films screened with English subtitles read aloud.
63-minute program includes media education

It's winter and the holidays and time to get outside with friends. Can Rita and Crocodile enjoy sledding and ski-ing together? Since Morningbird and Murmelton already live in the freezer and compete for who's best in winter sports, what happens then when they turn the dial down a notch—or two? The furry creatures find refuge in an abandoned wooly mitten, but how can they all fit in? Looking for the right outfit, busting the cool moves are all part of the plan to celebrate, with chums Spot and Splodge. In the last film, interspecial friendship is the name of the game when the bird buddies help a lost mouse get home for the holidays.

Alien for Christmas (USA)
Rita and Crocodile: "Snow" (Denmark)
The Mitten (France/Belgium)
Spot and Splodge: New Year's Disco Party (Sweden)
Morningbird and Murmelton on Winter Holiday (Norway)
Third & Bird: A Very Squooky Christmas (USA)


Film still: From Time to Time

From Time to Time M

Live-action feature film
Grades 5+ (Ages 10+)

Screened in English
110-minute program includes media education

2009 Best of Fest Award Winner!

With WWII coming to a close, and his father still m issing in battle, Tolly is sent to the English countryside to live wi th his grandmother in their imposing ancestral home. Little does he k now, the house is filled with ancient secrets just waiting to be expl ored. While the family arranges for Christmas, Tolly looks to solve the many mysteries hidden in the manor in this supernatural journey of friendship and self-discovery. Lose yourself in thi s fantastic film which boasts a powerhouse cast including Maggie Smi th ( Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ), Timothy Spall ( Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Dominic West ( The Wire, The Hour ), and Hugh Bonneville (PBS' Downtown Abbey ). Written and directed by Emmy and Oscar award-winner Julian Fellowes.


Film still from Holiday Trimmings program

Holiday Trimmings

Live-Action/Animated Shorts Program
Grades 7–10 (Ages12+)

World language shorts will be subtitled in English
85-minute program includes media education

Christmas is just around the corner in this village of toys, but the unruly and impulsive plasticine duo, Cowboy and Indian, have just ruined Horse's Christmas cake and jeopardized their chance of receiving any presents! Join the hapless pair for a series of adventures as they attempt to correct their mistakes. Horse certainly has his hands full with these two—or should we say "hooves"!

Mo Can Tie a Bow (Germany)
Boris the Rat Dresses Warmly (Finland)
Me and My Mouton (Canada/Norway)
Squirrel and Swallow (Netherlands)
The Marathon Diary (Norway)
A Town Called Panic—The Christmas Log (France/Belgium)


All films are official selections from the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, and all programs include an introduction and post-screening discussion led by one of our trained media educators. Curriculum aligned with the Common Core is also provided to teachers prior to the day of screening.

Flexible scheduling throughout the day—come to us or let us come to you! To book your group please contact groups@facets.org or 773.281.9075 ext. 3040.