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Jewish Heritage

Celebrate traditions as these characters explore their heritage in these short films for youth ages 11-15+.

Film still from Reflections program

Jewish Heritage: Reflections P V M

Live-action, animated and documentary shorts program
Grades 6–9 (Ages 11–15+)

80-minute program includes media education

Join us as we celebrate Jewish American Heritage, as told by children and young people in five amazing films. In one, a narrator remembers his days at summer camp, where an anti-Semitic teacher attracts national attention for some incendiary comments. The youngsters' community decides to amend the situation by bringing the campers to an interfaith basketball game in order to teach the children tolerance and understanding, with some unexpected results. In the next four films, characters recollect acts of kindness and resourcefulness in tales that span across years and borders during the Second World War. Inventive filmmaking combines with powerful storytelling in theseshort films.

The Basketball Game (Canada)
Overnight Stay (USA)
Toyland * (Germany)
55 Socks (Canada/Netherlands)
A Son's War (Czech Republic/USA)

*2009 Oscar-winner!


All films are official selections from the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, and all programs include an introduction and post-screening discussion led by one of our trained media educators. Curriculum aligned with the Common Core is also provided to teachers prior to the day of screening.

Flexible scheduling throughout the day—come to us or let us come to you! To book your group please contact groups@facets.org or 773.281.9075 ext. 3040.