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Mexican Heritage

Film still from Mexican Heritageprogram

Animated Shorts Program
Grades 3–5 (Ages 9–11)

90-minute program includes media education

Celebrate Mexican traditions as characters from this collection of extraordinary films explore their cultural heritage. In an inventive child-produced animated short film, ponder poetic questions with Frida Kahlo's personal journal. In another film, Rita Moreno reveals a town's annual loving preparations to honor ancestors. What is it like to be a recent immigrant, a math whiz at school—but to struggle with cultural bias? Then, in an other film, Pepe doesn't understand the big fuss his family makes with his sister's upcoming Quinceañera—until he realizes the part he gets to play in the celebration, representing the family as her chambelan. Honor heritage and culture with these shorts from Mexico and the US!

Ciscalo Ciscalo Diablo Danzon
Once I Dreamt: "A Band"
Day of the Dead
El Tux
Footballers: "My Sister's 15th Birthday"
Tintico's Afternoons
My Place—Santa Maria Tlahuitpolec, Oaxaca


All films are official selections from the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, and all programs include an introduction and post-screening discussion led by one of our trained media educators. Curriculum aligned with the Common Core is also provided to teachers prior to the day of screening.

Flexible scheduling throughout the day—come to us or let us come to you! To book your group please contact groups@facets.org or 773.281.9075 ext. 3040.