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Film Camp

Facets Kids Film Camp

Under the guidance of our trained media educators, young movie lovers learn the foundation of movie making, appreciation, and criticism. During camp creative kids collaborate in an engaging environment that builds self-confidence and critical thinking skills. Our camp goers acquire important 21st century skill by applying film theory and vocabulary to make a short film of their own.

What will be learned? Film theory & history, media literacy, filmmaking techniques, directing, acting, story development, storyboarding, screenwriting, lighting, and sound.

Who should enroll? Aspiring directors, screenwriters, actors, critics, set and costume designers, and any young lover of the arts.

Facets Kids Film Camp

For more info contact Kathleen Beckman, Director of Operations for Facets Children+Youth, at kids@facets.org or 773.281.9075 ext. 3037.